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You've reached Lovebound, the fanlistings collective of Brittany. This is the place where I store all my current, upcoming, pending and joined fanlistings... as well as fanlistings I'd love to own, been rejected for and closed down. If you're a fan of any of the topics I own, please make sure you join them! All my fanlistings have been approved by The Fanlistings Network and I'm proud to say I've donated to help the network stay online!
I own a total of 38 fanlistings, with 0 on the way. I'm a fan of 402 subjects myself and have joined their listings. All-together, my collective has accumulated 2616 fans and I am lucky to have 45 affiliates. My listings have a growth rate of 0.68 fans a day! The latest fanlisting I've joined is the fanlisting for Fringe: Olivia Dunham
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