I've been running fanlistings since the start of 2005. Over the course of five years, I've had the chance to own many brilliant fanlistings. This is a list of the fanlistings I've owned in the past, that were closed due to numerous reasons: getting out of the FL business, no new members, lost interest in the subject, etc.

Actresses: Sarah Walker
Albums: Keane: Hopes & Fears
Characters: Book/Movie: Peter Pan: [+] Male Characters
Characters: Book/Movie: Harry Potter: Dean Thomas
Characters: Book/Movie: Harry Potter: Susan Bones
Comics: Archie Comics
Movies: Billy Elliot
Movies: Priscilla: Queen of the Desert
Musicians Bands/Groups: The Postal Service
Relationships: Book/Movie: Finding Neverland: J.M Barrie & Peter Llewellyn-Davies
Relationships: TV: Degrassi TNG: Craig Manning & Emma Nelson
Songs: Bands/Groups: Mew: 'Special'
TV/Movie/Book Miscellany: Harry Potter: Charms Class
TV/Movie/Book Miscellany: A Series of Unfortunate Events: Violet Beaudelaire's Inventions