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Doll or Demon?
"A Great & Terrible Beauty: Pippa Cross" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 11 (+ 0)
Since: 26th March 2010

Pippa at first seems shallow, flawless and stereotypical. What is unknown is that Pippa has a secret that will ultimately marr her perfection in the eyes of society. A hopeless romantic at heart, Pippa is a bit naive but all she wants is to be accepted by her friends.

Wit Beyond Measure
"Harry Potter: Ravenclaws" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 36 (+ 1)
Since: 07th April 2010

The students of Ravenclaw are brilliant, creative and witty. If you're looking for interesting conversation, help with your spells, challenges of like-minds, don't look past someone donning the Ravenclaw colours!

Not Most Nurses
"Pearl Harbor: Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 7 (+ 0)
Since: 07th April 2010

Evelyn is the perfect example of beauty, grace, kindness and strength. She's a strong woman living in the 1940's with a lot on her plate, striving to do the right thing for herself and those around her.

Dangerously Alluring
"Sherlock Holmes: Irene Adler" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 15 (+ 2)
Since: 18th April 2010

I loved Irene in the 2009 adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. Rachel McAdams played her perfectly; sexy, dangerous and cunning.

High King
"The Chronicles of Narnia: Peter Pevensie" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 882 (+ 9)
Since: 23rd March 2010

Peter Pevensie is a true leader and loyal brother. He protects his three younger siblings with all he has. Although a little pompous, Peter has many expectations resting upon his shoulders.

Since 1234
"The Mortal Instruments: Shadowhunters" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 12 (+ 0)
Since: 30th April 2010

Nephilim aka 'Shadowhunters' in Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series are fascinating... they are strong, intelligent and fearless and have such an in-depth history.

"The Twilight Saga: Jasper Hale" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 447 (+ 1)
Since: 22nd March 2007

Jasper is my favourite character from the Twilight series. He is mysterious, allurring and struggling with his new dietary habits. Held in place by his love for Alice, Jasper tries his best to live amongst humans though their blood tempts him more than his adoptive siblings.

Under False Pretenses
"The Twilight Saga: Riley" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 12 (+ 1)
Since: 30th April 2010

I can't explain exactly why it is I love Riley so much. Even though he had only a short role in Eclipse, I felt he had so much potential and such an interesting back-story with Victoria. I can't wait to see Xavier Samuel play him and flesh out his character in the upcoming film.

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