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Girls & Boys In Love
"Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging" under Movies
Count: 12 (+ 0)
Since: 16th April 2010

If you want a side-achingly funny film about growing up, boys and all those things that made you think 'no way!' when you were approaching your mid-teens, look no further. I guarantee you will be able to relate with Georgia in at least one of her crazy escapades!

Embrace Your Liberty
"Little Women" under Movies
Count: 23 (+ 6)
Since: 18th April 2010

A film about the bonds of sisterhood through tragedy love and every day life in post-Civil War America. One of the most warm and kind movies I've had the pleasure to watch.

Do You Want To Play?
"Orphan" under Movies
Count: 12 (+ 0)
Since: 16th April 2010

I was left open-mouthed when I saw this film for the first time. It has been quite some time since a film has genuinely shocked me with it's twist. Esther seemingly fits perfectly into the role of model daughter, but the secret she hides is worse than anyone could have guessed.

Born of the Gods
"Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief" under Movies
Count: 23 (+ 1)
Since: 18th June 2010

The film adaptation of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & The Olympians inspired me to actually pick up the original novels and read them. Any film that makes you do that is fantastic in my eyes! This one is no exception!

The Lovely Bones
"The Lovely Bones" under Movies
Count: 30 (+ 3)
Since: 10th July 2010

Since I saw the trailer for Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones, I've been entranced by the story. I eagerly read the novel and awaited the film release. It did not dissappoint and is one of my favourite films!

Read to Me
"The Reader" under Movies
Count: 25 (+ 0)
Since: 07th May 2010

I first saw this film a few months ago and was floored by how amazing it was. It had been such a long time since I'd seen a really good film that was as perfectly rounded and thought out as this one was.

Like Gravity
"The Time Traveler's Wife" under Movies
Count: 17 (+ 1)
Since: 20th June 2010

I won't give away the ending for anyone who hasn't seen this amazing film, but if you have, you'll be sure to agree with me that it's beautifully done, touching and a great example of true love.

The Little Things
"Zombieland" under Movies
Count: 47 (+ 8)
Since: 02nd August 2010

I loved this movie as soon as I saw it. The cameo by Bill Murray is a favourite scene, especially. I love zombie-apocalypse movies, but this one turned things on it's head completely. A laugh out loud comedy that is definitely a fave!

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