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Forever Young
"Harry Potter: Cedric/Cho" under Relationships: Book/Movie
Count: 9 (+ 0)
Since: 07th May 2010

Ever since I read Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, I found the relationship between Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang extremely sweet and tragic. You never forget your first love.

Percy & Annabeth
"Percy Jackson: Percy/Annabeth" under Relationships: Book/Movie
Count: 12 (+ 0)
Since: 10th July 2010

I fell in love with these two when I first saw the film adaptation of the books in the cinemas. I then read the books and found them to possess a great friendship as well as chemistry. I just adore them!

1300 Years
"The Chronicles of Narnia: Susan/Caspian" under Relationships: Book/Movie
Count: 56 (+ 1)
Since: 26th March 2010

As soon as I saw Susan and Caspian's first glance at each other in the Prince Caspian film, I fell in love. This pairing immediately became one of my ultimate wishlisters and an all-time favourite. A love not seperated by distance, but by time.

Like Family
"The Twilight Saga: Bella/Cullen Family" under Relationships: Book/Movie
Count: 110 (+ 1)
Since: 11th May 2010

Ever since I began reading the Twilight series back in early 2007 I simply loved the relationship between the Cullen family and Bella.

"Twilight: Edward/Rosalie" under Relationships: Book/Movie
Count: 22 (+ 0)
Since: 08th June 2010

Originally intended for each other, Edward and Rosalie were the first 'Cullen kids' and have a very interesting relationship. They are both protective of each other and share the same chemistry as a real life brother and sister.

Blood Bond
"Vampire Diaries: Bonnie/Stefan" under Relationships: Book/Movie, Relationships: TV
Count: 19 (+ 2)
Since: 20th April 2010

Stefan is a vampire. Bonnie is a witch. They should be rivals, but they have one thing in common - Elena. Forging a friendship based on trust and love for their friend, Bonnie and Stefan have a very interesting relationship.

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