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Space Man + Earth Girl
"Doctor Who: Doctor/Donna" under Relationships: TV
Count: 33 (+ 14)
Since: 09th May 2010

What can I say about these two? Donna brought a completely new dynamic to the doctor/companion relationship - she wasn't interested at all romantically with him! The two shared a special and hilarious friendship that I absolutely adored.

Stolen By Lonely Boy
"Gossip Girl: Dan/Serena" under Relationships: TV
Count: 18 (+ 4)
Since: 19th April 2010

The primary focus of season one and two, Dan and Serena are opposites on the social spectrum but still manage to provide us with a caring and loving relationship.

Unlikely Love
"Hex: Ella/Leon" under Relationships: TV
Count: 7 (+ 0)
Since: 18th October 2010

Hex is one of those shows that never should have been cancelled. The relationship between demon slayer Ella and sex-obsessed high schooler, Leon, was one of my absolute favourite parts of the second series!

Want Me Back
"Skins: Naomi/Emily" under Relationships: TV
Count: 43 (+ 0)
Since: 26th April 2010

The relationship between Emily and Naomi from Skins was definitely the most interesting part of S3. They make a great couple; romantically and platonically.

Grace Found
"Supernatural: Anna/Castiel" under Relationships: TV
Count: 28 (+ 0)
Since: 22nd March 2010

Anna and Castiel have a history, one that's yet to be disclosed on the show but proves to be very interesting. The relationship between these two angels has many sides; rivalry, friendship and possibly romantic.

Blood Bond
"Vampire Diaries: Bonnie/Stefan" under Relationships: Book/Movie, Relationships: TV
Count: 19 (+ 2)
Since: 20th April 2010

Stefan is a vampire. Bonnie is a witch. They should be rivals, but they have one thing in common - Elena. Forging a friendship based on trust and love for their friend, Bonnie and Stefan have a very interesting relationship.

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