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Doll or Demon?
"A Great & Terrible Beauty: Pippa Cross" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 11 (+ 0)
Since: 26th March 2010

Pippa at first seems shallow, flawless and stereotypical. What is unknown is that Pippa has a secret that will ultimately marr her perfection in the eyes of society. A hopeless romantic at heart, Pippa is a bit naive but all she wants is to be accepted by her friends.

"Amanda (" under Webmasters
Count: 19 (+ 1)
Since: 30th April 2010

What can I say about Amanda? She has been one of my closest and longest online friends. We've been around the same circles online by coincidence; fansites, fanlistings and livejournal and we just keep finding more and more that we have in common! The lovely Kate is letting me adopt this fanlisting!

Girls & Boys In Love
"Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging" under Movies
Count: 12 (+ 0)
Since: 16th April 2010

If you want a side-achingly funny film about growing up, boys and all those things that made you think 'no way!' when you were approaching your mid-teens, look no further. I guarantee you will be able to relate with Georgia in at least one of her crazy escapades!

Proud, Vain Flower
"Beastly by Alex Flinn" under Literature
Count: 5 (+ 1)
Since: 27th May 2010

From the first time I read Beastly, I knew it was an absolutely fantastic story with very real characters and plot. Though derived from 'Beauty and the Beast', this is no fantasy with castles and princes.

Just Daisy
"Daisy Lowe" under Models
Count: 2 (+ 1)
Since: 09th May 2010

I've been following Daisy's modelling career ever since I saw her in the music video of Armand Van Helden's 'NYC Beat'. She's modelled for Louis Vuitton, Doc Martens, Marc Jacobs, Agent Provocateur and many, many more.

Space Man + Earth Girl
"Doctor Who: Doctor/Donna" under Relationships: TV
Count: 33 (+ 14)
Since: 09th May 2010

What can I say about these two? Donna brought a completely new dynamic to the doctor/companion relationship - she wasn't interested at all romantically with him! The two shared a special and hilarious friendship that I absolutely adored.

Stolen By Lonely Boy
"Gossip Girl: Dan/Serena" under Relationships: TV
Count: 18 (+ 4)
Since: 19th April 2010

The primary focus of season one and two, Dan and Serena are opposites on the social spectrum but still manage to provide us with a caring and loving relationship.

Forever Young
"Harry Potter: Cedric/Cho" under Relationships: Book/Movie
Count: 9 (+ 0)
Since: 07th May 2010

Ever since I read Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, I found the relationship between Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang extremely sweet and tragic. You never forget your first love.

Wit Beyond Measure
"Harry Potter: Ravenclaws" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 36 (+ 1)
Since: 07th April 2010

The students of Ravenclaw are brilliant, creative and witty. If you're looking for interesting conversation, help with your spells, challenges of like-minds, don't look past someone donning the Ravenclaw colours!

Unlikely Love
"Hex: Ella/Leon" under Relationships: TV
Count: 7 (+ 0)
Since: 18th October 2010

Hex is one of those shows that never should have been cancelled. The relationship between demon slayer Ella and sex-obsessed high schooler, Leon, was one of my absolute favourite parts of the second series!

Embrace Your Liberty
"Little Women" under Movies
Count: 23 (+ 6)
Since: 18th April 2010

A film about the bonds of sisterhood through tragedy love and every day life in post-Civil War America. One of the most warm and kind movies I've had the pleasure to watch.

"Maria Valverde" under Actresses
Count: 7 (+ 0)
Since: 29th April 2010

I first saw Maria in the Spanish film, Ladrones, where she played an apprentice pick-pocket. She's been on my 'watch' radar since then. I then saw 'Cracks', where she had an English-speaking role and was floored by her presence on-screen as well as her natural beauty.

Do You Want To Play?
"Orphan" under Movies
Count: 12 (+ 0)
Since: 16th April 2010

I was left open-mouthed when I saw this film for the first time. It has been quite some time since a film has genuinely shocked me with it's twist. Esther seemingly fits perfectly into the role of model daughter, but the secret she hides is worse than anyone could have guessed.

Not Most Nurses
"Pearl Harbor: Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 7 (+ 0)
Since: 07th April 2010

Evelyn is the perfect example of beauty, grace, kindness and strength. She's a strong woman living in the 1940's with a lot on her plate, striving to do the right thing for herself and those around her.

Percy & Annabeth
"Percy Jackson: Percy/Annabeth" under Relationships: Book/Movie
Count: 12 (+ 0)
Since: 10th July 2010

I fell in love with these two when I first saw the film adaptation of the books in the cinemas. I then read the books and found them to possess a great friendship as well as chemistry. I just adore them!

Born of the Gods
"Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief" under Movies
Count: 23 (+ 1)
Since: 18th June 2010

The film adaptation of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & The Olympians inspired me to actually pick up the original novels and read them. Any film that makes you do that is fantastic in my eyes! This one is no exception!

"Pokemon: Squirtle" under Games
Count: 74 (+ 0)
Since: 03rd August 2010

Squirtle has been my favourite Pokemon game and television series character since I first got into the whole series when I was a kid. I loved the 'Squirtle Squad' episodes, as well as starting with a Squirtle while playing Pokemon Blue on Gameboy Color!

Eternal Sea
"Selkies" under Mythology/Religion
Count: 9 (+ 0)
Since: 09th May 2010

I've been fascinated with the Selkie myth from a young age, and I'm always on the lookout for any books or films related to the folklore!

Dangerously Alluring
"Sherlock Holmes: Irene Adler" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 15 (+ 2)
Since: 18th April 2010

I loved Irene in the 2009 adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. Rachel McAdams played her perfectly; sexy, dangerous and cunning.

Want Me Back
"Skins: Naomi/Emily" under Relationships: TV
Count: 43 (+ 0)
Since: 26th April 2010

The relationship between Emily and Naomi from Skins was definitely the most interesting part of S3. They make a great couple; romantically and platonically.

Grace Found
"Supernatural: Anna/Castiel" under Relationships: TV
Count: 28 (+ 0)
Since: 22nd March 2010

Anna and Castiel have a history, one that's yet to be disclosed on the show but proves to be very interesting. The relationship between these two angels has many sides; rivalry, friendship and possibly romantic.

Hidden Kingdom
"The Chronicles of Narnia: Narnia" under TV/Movie/Book Miscellany
Count: 255 (+ 2)
Since: 24th March 2010

The world of Narnia from C.S Lewis's books is one of my favourite fantasy destinations. It's a world rich with mythology and tradition, adventure and discovery.

High King
"The Chronicles of Narnia: Peter Pevensie" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 882 (+ 9)
Since: 23rd March 2010

Peter Pevensie is a true leader and loyal brother. He protects his three younger siblings with all he has. Although a little pompous, Peter has many expectations resting upon his shoulders.

1300 Years
"The Chronicles of Narnia: Susan/Caspian" under Relationships: Book/Movie
Count: 56 (+ 1)
Since: 26th March 2010

As soon as I saw Susan and Caspian's first glance at each other in the Prince Caspian film, I fell in love. This pairing immediately became one of my ultimate wishlisters and an all-time favourite. A love not seperated by distance, but by time.

"The Lion King: Nala" under Animation
Count: 62 (+ 2)
Since: 06th April 2010

Nala is one of my favourite Disney characters. Since seeing The Lion King at a very young age, I've always loved her. A loyal friend with an adorable attitude!

The Lovely Bones
"The Lovely Bones" under Movies
Count: 30 (+ 3)
Since: 10th July 2010

Since I saw the trailer for Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones, I've been entranced by the story. I eagerly read the novel and awaited the film release. It did not dissappoint and is one of my favourite films!

Ghost Girl
"The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot" under Literature
Count: 14 (+ 0)
Since: 23rd March 2010

The Mediator leaves the norm of all other YA books and draws you in completely. You can practically smell the sea breeze of Carmel as you enter Suze's world of the paranormal. The characters are loveable, the humour is side-achingly funny and the relationship between Suze and resident ghost, Jesse is just charming.

Since 1234
"The Mortal Instruments: Shadowhunters" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 12 (+ 0)
Since: 30th April 2010

Nephilim aka 'Shadowhunters' in Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series are fascinating... they are strong, intelligent and fearless and have such an in-depth history.

Read to Me
"The Reader" under Movies
Count: 25 (+ 0)
Since: 07th May 2010

I first saw this film a few months ago and was floored by how amazing it was. It had been such a long time since I'd seen a really good film that was as perfectly rounded and thought out as this one was.

Out of the Coffin
"The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris" under Literature
Count: 93 (+ 2)
Since: 20th July 2010

I love True Blood, but I love the original book series behind it even more. They are so engaging, detailed and the whole world is so vivid and complete. Adopting from Myka!

Like Gravity
"The Time Traveler's Wife" under Movies
Count: 17 (+ 1)
Since: 20th June 2010

I won't give away the ending for anyone who hasn't seen this amazing film, but if you have, you'll be sure to agree with me that it's beautifully done, touching and a great example of true love.

Like Family
"The Twilight Saga: Bella/Cullen Family" under Relationships: Book/Movie
Count: 110 (+ 1)
Since: 11th May 2010

Ever since I began reading the Twilight series back in early 2007 I simply loved the relationship between the Cullen family and Bella.

"The Twilight Saga: Jasper Hale" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 447 (+ 1)
Since: 22nd March 2007

Jasper is my favourite character from the Twilight series. He is mysterious, allurring and struggling with his new dietary habits. Held in place by his love for Alice, Jasper tries his best to live amongst humans though their blood tempts him more than his adoptive siblings.

Under False Pretenses
"The Twilight Saga: Riley" under Characters: Book/Movie
Count: 12 (+ 1)
Since: 30th April 2010

I can't explain exactly why it is I love Riley so much. Even though he had only a short role in Eclipse, I felt he had so much potential and such an interesting back-story with Victoria. I can't wait to see Xavier Samuel play him and flesh out his character in the upcoming film.

Broken Promises
"Titanic (sinking of)" under History/Royalty
Count: 43 (+ 1)
Since: 02nd June 2010

I've always been fascinated with the history of the Titanic; from it's passengers to the sinking of the supposed 'unsinkable ship'. With it's 100 year anniversary approaching, I'm very honoured to own this fanlisting!

"Twilight: Edward/Rosalie" under Relationships: Book/Movie
Count: 22 (+ 0)
Since: 08th June 2010

Originally intended for each other, Edward and Rosalie were the first 'Cullen kids' and have a very interesting relationship. They are both protective of each other and share the same chemistry as a real life brother and sister.

Blood Bond
"Vampire Diaries: Bonnie/Stefan" under Relationships: Book/Movie, Relationships: TV
Count: 19 (+ 2)
Since: 20th April 2010

Stefan is a vampire. Bonnie is a witch. They should be rivals, but they have one thing in common - Elena. Forging a friendship based on trust and love for their friend, Bonnie and Stefan have a very interesting relationship.

The Little Things
"Zombieland" under Movies
Count: 47 (+ 8)
Since: 02nd August 2010

I loved this movie as soon as I saw it. The cameo by Bill Murray is a favourite scene, especially. I love zombie-apocalypse movies, but this one turned things on it's head completely. A laugh out loud comedy that is definitely a fave!

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