Past Layouts
If you're interested in looking at the past layouts this site has had, well, you've come to the right place! I create all my layouts in notepad in css/html/php and use Adobe Photoshop CS3. I'm not a big fan of brushes or textures; I prefer to use solid colours and shapes with interesting compositions and colouring :)


This was the first 'permanent' layout that the site had after moving to the new domain. It featured Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter films in a simplistic way, mostly focusing on the functionality of the website. The colour scheme was based on the Ravenclaw house colours and I personally liked it a lot. The navigation was divided into simple headings with sub-menus, and hover-over image bullets with small lightning bolts. It will probably be one of my most favourite layouts I've made for a while to come.

This layout was up from March, 2010 - 27th April, 2010


The only reason I changed from the previous layout was due to my growing love for all things Vampire Diaries. The production stills especially for all of the flashback episodes including 'Children of the Damned', 'Lost Girls' & 'Blood Brothers' were particularly beautiful and the colours were begging to be made into a layout! Now that the new domain was established I could focus more on the name of the collective rather than the address.

This layout was up from the 27th April - Present